Leather Water purifier

Product Features
ZDF02 leather purifying agent is an inorganic polymer flocculant, the appearance of which is dark brown liquid. It has the characteristics of rapid formation rate of alum, large particle density, quick settling velocity, high removal rate and small amount of sludge for water treatment. For COD, color, and microorganisms, etc. have a better removal effect.
The product of water temperature and pH value of a wide range of applications, can be widely used in various types of industrial water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

Technical indicators
● Appearance: dark brown or viscous liquid
● Density [(20 ℃) / (g / cm³)] ≥1.40
● pH (1% aqueous solution) 2.0 ~ 3.0

Product Usage
● Suitable for all kinds of industrial water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater purification treatment.

● ZDF02 is a liquid product. When used, add appropriate amount of product directly into the waste water and mix it vigorously with waste water.
● The dosage depends on the water quality, generally 0.1 ~ 0.6 kg / ton water, the applicable pH range is 7 ~ 10.

Packaging and storage
● Depending on the needs of users, it can be supplied by FRP tanker or plastic drum.
● The product should be stored in a corrosion-resistant container, the original liquid shelf life of six months.

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