Sewage treatment plant Water purifier

Product Features
ZDT10 belonging to a new generation of polymer flocculant, set the iron salt and aluminum salt coagulant advantages together, is the initiator under the action of hydrolysis and polymerization process to produce polyhydroxy polynuclear polymer, in the water treatment process with strong adsorption, Floc formation speed, dense alum, settling speed, filtration performance, the use of a wide range of pH, low temperature and low turbidity of raw water treatment effect is particularly good, but also remove water, organic matter, suspended solids, heavy metals, sulfide And carcinogens, COD and BOD removal rate, bleaching deoiling, deodorant sterilization function significantly.Widely used in domestic drinking water, industrial water treatment, with the dosing and easy to use, after treatment of water quality, low cost and so on.

Technical indicators
● Appearance: reddish brown or brown liquid
● relative density ≥ 1.18
● pH (1% aqueous solution) 3.5 ~ 5.0
● active ingredient content (%) ≥ 8.0
● Additives content (%) 1 ~ 5
● Basicity B (%) ≥60
● Insoluble matter (%) ≤0.5
● Arsenic (As) content (%) ≤ 0.0003
● manganese (Mn) content (%) ≤ 0.040
● Aluminum (Al) content (%) ≤0.001
● Mercury (Hg) content (%) ≤ 0.0002

Product Usage
● products for low temperature and low turbidity urban water plant raw water treatment and landscape water reuse pretreatment.

● products for the liquid, can be directly added, the dosage is 0.05 ~ 0.5kg / t water;
● can also be diluted dosage, the dilution ratio of 5 to 15 times;
● The specific amount according to the water quality and coagulation test results.

Packaging and storage
● The product is delivered by our company using a dedicated tanker, or use plastic drums;
● product storage stability of at least one year. A trace of colloidal precipitation.

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