Printing and dyeing Water purifier

Product Features
ZDF01 printing and dyeing decolorizing flocculant is a yellow-green liquid with strong acidity and can neutralize and treat alkaline printing and dyeing wastewater. It is especially suitable for the treatment of high alkalinity printing and dyeing wastewater (such as sizing wastewater), with good decolorization effect and low processing cost specialty.According to customer needs to adjust the neutralization ability of the agent to make it better to meet customer water quality requirements.The agent is also suitable for biochemical pretreatment of dye-containing wastewater, which not only can adjust pH value, but also reduce COD content to ensure the effect of biochemical treatment in the later period.

Technical indicators
● Appearance: yellow-green liquid
● Density [(20 ℃) / (g / cm³)] ≥ 1.20
● pH (1% aqueous solution) ≤ 2.0

Product Usage
● suitable for printing and dyeing industrial wastewater, especially for alkalinity printing and dyeing wastewater (such as sizing wastewater treatment)

● ZDF01 printing and dyeing bleaching flocculant liquid products, when used directly to the right amount of product added to the waste water, and strong mixing with the waste water mixed.
● dosage depends on the quality of the water, generally 0.3 to 1.0 kg / ton water, the applicable pH range of 8 or more.

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